LMS and

Smart, Simple, Adaptable

LMS and

Smart, Simple, Adaptable

LMS is a dedicated platform for the development of learning-teaching environments and content management, and enables efficient, simple and need-based course creation and learning.

The Lnet LMS Platform

Our platform includes a content generator for the creation and constant updates of new educational content. The content created through the platform is saved in a joint data-base, accessible to all instruction teams in the organization, and searching the right information is extremely user-friendly. The platform includes a student board giving them access to learning materials and homework assignments set by the teacher.

The teacher or education developer use an advanced template system to develop the course and its content. The system is designed for any type of content which is then catalogued and added to the database. The teacher uses a course management interface to plan the timeline, content, assignment and exams. He can then monitor the students’ progress using feedbacks and achievements. Students can choose to take courses according to their preferred schedule and according to the plan designed for them. Communication tools allow a constant dialogue between teachers and students.

How does LMS work?

The teacher or learning developer develops the course and content with the advanced template system designed for any type of content.

The teacher uses an advanced template system to develop the course, its content, timeline, assignments and exams.

The teacher then monitors the students’ progress using feedbacks and achievements.

Students can take courses according to their preferred schedule and according to the plan designed for them.

Who is LMS for?

Learning-based Organizations

Large Organizations

Lnet’s LMS Features

Instructor Management System

Course development and management tools including file uploads, education materials, external links, task management system and achievement reports on a singular level and class level. Communication with students by notifications, messages and forums.

Student Dashboard

Full learning environment with courses interface, communication center and content generator. Students can view course subjects and classes, presentations, exams, assignments, achievements, forums and notifications.

Collaborative Database System

A simple and user-friendly platform, allowing new content development or usage of existing educational content in collaboration with all teachers and instructors in the organization.

User Interface

Allows adding new users by single mode or by groups, assigning users to specific groups or courses and study groups creations.

Admin Interface

System definitions and specifications, user permissions and more.


About Our Unique Motivator System

A smart, adaptive educational tool that allows each student to participate and practice according to their knowledge level and abilities. The tool is based on several algorithms which assess every student by various parameters and then presents them with specific exercises according to their chances of success. The system also includes a questions generator, catalogue, feedback and gamification between levels.

LMS and Motivator Benefits

Simple Templates
User-friendly templates for fast educational content development

Content Matching
Smart matching of learning processes and educational content according to student ability

Easy Collaboration
Re-use and update content whenever needed

Advanced Reporting
Receive reports by demand of schools, teacher, student

Process Management
Excellent learning process and achievement management tools

Anytime, Anywhere
On-demand e-learning between teachers and course members

Lnet’s LMS Is Widespread Across Israel

The Lnet LMS system has been successfully operating in Israel for over 10 years, servicing over 500 schools and 50,000 students throughout the country. The system includes thousands of content units from various pedagogy fields such as mathematics, English, language, sciences and more.

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