MOOCs and
edX Platform

E-Learning Reimagined

MOOCs and
edX Platform

E-Learning Reimagined


After producing hundreds of MOOCs with unique creative and pedagogical content, we believe the “e” in e-learning should be just as much about entertainment as it is about education.

We create MOOCs that not only support knowledge building and a collaborative dialogue, but truly engage and connect

MOOCs, have come a long way since they were first introduced in 2006. Expanding knowledge, learning a new skill or advancing a personal career is easier and more accessible than ever before. These days, Massive Open Online Courses are as open and diverse as the students seeking them. However, in an era where creative and engaging digital content is pulling people’s attention in all directions, it is imperative that MOOCs become just as engaging.

The process of developing MOOC at Lnet begins with defining the learning goals and getting to know the audience, followed by the development of unique content including the complete production of live and interactive videos, animations, infographics, photoshoots and more.

Once a MOOC is completed, our vast experience with the edX platform allows us to seamlessly implement the MOOC, including the establishment of infrastructure, development of specific learning components and the successful assimilation of different courses where needed. Each project is comprehensive and broad and is built to fully suit customer needs.

Our Development Work Process
Fully complied with ADDIE standard of course development:

Lnet specializes in developing and producing Online Courses for Academia from end-to-end. As part of the development process, the company is responsible for pedagogy and didactic content development, either by converting existing content or development of new content from scratch. We aid in consolidation of assessment models and take responsibility for all of the production.

The videos bring in students into the content, rational and content establishing, case study display and exposure to various challenges and issues. Lnet is a true expert in Online Courses for Academia development, edX platform implementation, interactive components development, videos production and interactive videos, animations, infographics, indoor and outdoor photoshoots among others.






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Our Development Work Process

Analysis Stage

• Analyzing the learning purpose and target audience specifications and needs, constraints and limitations.

• Process partners: project manager, technical-pedagogy expert

• Stage outcome: definition of type of learning product, budget, schedule

Design Stage

• Defining learning goals, instructional contents and assessment.

• Content development – using a full creative team – defining how to take traditional content and delivering it in an engaging way.

• Determining graphic language and style

• Process partners: content experts, technical-pedagogy experts, graphic designers, video production team

• Stage outcome: course outline, content sequence, methodologies

Development Stage

• Building of learning tools and course products

• Validation, control and updates as per need

• Innovative technology implementation for content delivery – educational software development, games, various activities

• Process partners: content expert, technical-pedagogy expert, researcher, production team (graphic designer, screenplay artist, film director, photographer, video editor, animator)

• Stage outcome: engaging education and instructional tools (lesson plan, learning components, videos, assignments). Implementing the content and course in online learning platforms such as edX and Moodle.


Implementation Stage

• Teacher and instructor selection and training

• Stage partners: technical-pedagogy expert, support team

• Stage outcome: course consumption by end users. Technical support for instructors and end users when needed.

Evaluation Stage

• Design evaluation process: applied throughout the process to ensure all materials are developed optimally per course needs.

• Final evaluation: conducted at the end of the process to evaluate the course as a whole, learning assimilation, student assessment and grades (where needed); student and teacher satisfaction surveys.

• Drawing conclusions from evaluations and assessments

• Updating and upgrading content as per need.

• Stage partners: content expert, technical-pedagogy expert, service and support team.

• Stage outcome: status report, conclusions and improvement recommendation report.


“Our goal is to create MOOCs that are as entertaining and
stimulating as a TV mini-series” Itai Stern, CEO, Lnet

Who are MOOCs and EDX for?

Learning-based Organizations

Large Organizations


Benefits of Mooc’s Development With Lnet

Professional Process
Controlled and fully compatible with customer needs.

Full Production Team
Creative, video, animation, we produce everything form A-Z.

One Stop Shop
From the idea to production through evaluation and edX implementation.

Technical Support
Lnet provides full technical support once a course is live.

Educational Experts
Technical and pedagogy experts to assure quality.

Anytime, Anywhere
All content is accessible anytime, in any location.

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