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Education Without Boundaries

Online Courses
for Academia

Education Without Boundaries


Most academic institutions incorporate Online Courses as part of their programs, providing students from all over the world with access to quality content from the finest of lecturers.

Online Courses Development for Academia

Our online academic courses incorporate traditional materials such as documents, assignments and forums, with videotaped lectures in synchronic or a-synchronic format, based on student needs. We design and produce most of our online Courses for personal, self-learning consumption.

However, we strongly believe in the importance of interaction between students and teachers, so we add chats, forums and surveys among other tools. Student assessments are also incorporated via structural feedbacks and peer feedbacks.

Our Process

Fully complied with ADDIE standard of course development:

Online Courses for Academia are becoming more common and wide spread. Lnet specializes in the complete development and production of Online Courses for Academia. As part of the development process, we provide complete pedagogy and didactic content development, either by converting existing content or by developing new content from A to Z. We aid in consolidation of assessment models and take responsibility for the entire production process.

We create videos that engage students into the content, provide case study display and enable exposure to various challenges and issues. Our vast experience in the field allows us to develop advanced Online Courses for Academia, implement edX platforms, develop interactive components, and produce engaging videos and interactive videos using the latest animation, infographics, indoor and outdoor photoshoots and more. Our work process is comprehensive and broad, and each project is tailormade to fully suit customer needs.


Our 5 Stage Development Process






Analysis Stage

• Analyzing the learning purpose and target audience needs, specifications, constraints and limitations

• Process team: project manager, technical-pedagogy expert, content developer

• Stage outcome: definition of type of learning product, budget and schedule

Design Stage

• Defining learning goals, instructional contents and assessment

• Content creation – defining how to take traditional content and deliver it through an engaging online product

• Determining the graphic language

• Process team: content expert, technical-pedagogy expert, graphic designer, UX

• Stage outcome: Course outline, content sequence and methodologies

Development Stage

• Building the tools and course elements

• Innovative technology implementation for content delivery – educational software development, games and various activities to create user-friendly learning experiences

• Process team: content expert, technical-pedagogy expert, researcher, video production team

• Stage outcome: Educational and instructional tools (lesson plan, learning components, videos and assignments). Implementing the content and course in Moodle and edX

Implementation Stage

• Teacher and instructor selection and training

• Process team: technical-pedagogy expert, support team

• Stage Outcome: Course consumption by end users. Technical support for instructors and end users when needed

Evaluation Stage

• Evaluation of the course as a whole, learning assimilation, student assessment and grades; student and teacher satisfaction surveys.

• Drawing conclusions from evaluations and assessments

• Updating content as per need

• Process team: content expert, technical-pedagogy expert, service and support team

• Stage outcome: status report, conclusions and improvement recommendation report


The Lnet Advantage

Professional Process
Controlled and fully compatible with customer needs

Professional Production Team
Specializing in the development of engaging learning tools and courses

One Stop Shop
From the idea to production through evaluation

Technical Support
We provide full technical support once a course goes live

Educational Experts
Technical and pedagogy experts to assure 100% quality

Anytime, Anywhere
All content is accessible anytime, in any location

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