Let’s Make
E-learning Exciting
Let’s Make
E-learning Exciting

We combine technology, pedagogical expertise, and creative video production to deliver engaging e-learning experiences.

“E-learning is no longer just about delivering knowledge online. It’s about creating personalized engaging experiences that keep evolving.” Itai Stern, CEO, Lnet

Our Innovative Learning Platforms:

MOOC & edX – E-Learning Reimagined

Lnet has developed hundreds of MOOCs with unique creative and pedagogical content implemented seamlessly on the edX platform.

Professional Training Courses – One Stop Shop For Development and Production

We help develop professional courses for the advancement of employees in diverse industries and fields of knowledge, providing a complete solution from idea to production through evaluation.

WYZER – A New World of E-learning Possibilities

A uniquely developed platform enabling multiple online learning teacher-student / consultant-consultee sessions, both one-on-one and in a group.

Online Courses For Academia – Education Without Boundaries

Our academia courses incorporate traditional course materials such as documents, assignments and forums, with videotaped lectures in synchronic or a-synchronic format, as per course and student’s needs.

LMS & Motivator – Smart, Simple, Adaptable

A uniquely developed learning management environment. Content creator, assessments, progress reports among other features. Our LMS system includes the “Motivator” – an adaptive training platform that matches content to student ability.

Why Work With Lnet?

Full Process

From content creation, pedagogy processes, full video production to implementation and support.

Tailor Made Programs
We fit the exact solution, to your exact needs and focus on bringing unique online learning experiences.

One Stop Shop
Everything you need under one roof – a diverse pedagogy and creative team for a complete e-learning solution.

Experience & Expertise
We have vast experience in creating hundreds of courses, MOOC’s, training courses and more.
Highest Quality
Addie standard among others, is utilized, to ensure high quality of our entire line of products and services.

Partners For Success
We believe in full collaboration and are truly passionate and devoted to make sure our clients are happy!

Students are our audience. We must continuously captivate them.
We harness the power of technology and video production to deliver engaging e-learning solutions.

Our Process Includes:

We believe that every learning experience should be as engaging and entertaining as a TV series. Our process of developing any new online course or content begins with a dedicated creative team who create a story and complete creative production of the educational content.

There is no one learning process suitable for all. Our online learning solutions include diverse, tailormade learning components so that everyone can choose their most suitable route.

Data Analysis
We are driven to continually improve our online learning solutions. We constantly collect all data and information from our multiple online courses and their processes so that we can understand user behavior and needs better, and upgrade and evolve as needed.

Online Learning Benefits

Reduces overall overtime costs

Use interactive tools to increase engagement

Digitize employee/student feedback

Be where your employees/students are

Manage organizational knowledge

Knowledge is accessible anywhere, anytime

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