About Us

We combine pedagogical expertise, technology and creative
production to provide the most advanced e-learning experiences.

“We want people to be immersed in learning – to experience new ideas, not just learn about them”. Itai Stern, CEO, Lnet

Bringing Technology & Production Value to Online Education

Lnet was founded in 2000 by education professionals who realized that the world has changed, that technology is at the forefront of nearly every field and that online education must change and evolve accordingly and connect with people on a personal level. Working with pedagogues, technology experts and a dedicated creative and production team, Lnet is committed to the design and development of new and advanced learning solutions, to synchronized and unsynchronized applications and to the production of engaging, high-quality educational digital content.

Developing Advanced Products Through Combined Expertise

Our team includes software and applications development professionals, video production teams, graphic designers, UI/UX experts, learning and pedagogy developers, project managers and more. Together we develop designated education and learning products tailored to the needs of our customers. In addition to being a licensed supplier with both the Ministry of Education and the Digital Israel Project, Lnet provides services to other government ministries, to hundreds of schools and academic institutions in Israel and to other organizations.

Providing Education Solutions That Constantly Evolve

Just as education methods and technology constantly evolve, so does our development of multiple online learning solutions. We make sure to always have a finger on the pulse of innovation, to keep asking questions, gather as much data and then analyze, design and develop products that adapt to the market’s changing needs and standards.
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Ha’gavish 3, Kfar Saba, Israel