A New World of E-learning Possibilities


A New World of E-learning Possibilities


A uniquely developed platform enabling multiple online learning teacher-student and consultant-consultee sessions, both one-on-one and in a group.

What is Wyzer?

Wyzer is an advanced online learning platform enabling multiple student-teacher sessions anywhere and anytime, specifically tailored to student capabilities. This user-friendly platform was developed by Lnet’s technology and didactic team in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Education and gives every student with a basic PC or tablet full access, no software installation needed. Already implemented in Israel and in Nigeria, this platform can be adapted to the needs of different organizations and to the management of multiple teacher-student and consultant-consultee sessions.

Wyzer’s interactive interface provides a clear, multimedia-rich learning experience. An advanced search engine allows students to search and select their preferred subject as well as their learning level, type of studying session and preferred teachers. Wyzer’s unique platform also enables students to choose between joining a live class or scheduling a specific time slot in advance and carrying out a private teacher-student session.

How does Wyzer work?

The learning session takes place in an advanced “virtual classroom” which allows students and teachers to easily collaborate via conversation, chats, file sharing, even scribbling on the board. Just like any classroom, without leaving the house.


Students login, select the subject they wish to learn and their learning level.

They then choose whether to join a live lesson – either a short one-on-one or a full group lesson, or select a specific time slot later on for a full one-on-one lesson.


If students wish to schedule a personal or a group lesson, they can select a specific teacher and their preferred time.

Wyzer Features

• Smart queuing management system with notifications for teachers and students

• Multiple options: Immediate help or pre-ordered classes. Full sessions or short. Personal or in a group.

• Teacher rating system to enhance students’ user experience

• Advanced virtual classroom enabling an experience similar to meeting a teacher in a physical classroom

• Usage reports according to specific needs

Wyzer Benefits

Reduces Costs
Eliminates the costs of a physical classroom

Seamless UX and easy login creates an inviting experience to all teachers

No Boundaries
You can reach out to students
anywhere, anytime

Super-convenient and simple
to navigate

Smart Queuing System
Helps coordinate between large
numbers of students seeking service

All knowledge open and available, anytime, anywhere

Who is Wyzer for?

Wyzer is a complete solution for anyone who needs to manage and execute large numbers of learning sessions between teachers and students or consultants with those seeking consultation. It provides everything from scheduling, to managing the line, conducting a seamless session to support. One platform does it all.

Learning-based Organizations

Consultation-based Companies

Large Organizations

Wyzer Case Study for the Israel Ministry of Education:
A national, private teaching platform for mid
and high-school students



“I genuinely enjoyed taking part in this project, meeting students from all sectors and all levels. The platform really helped students with their studies.”

 Maya Cohen, Teacher

“Wyzer really helped me. The one-on-one interaction is easier. I could suddenly understand material I didn’t understand before. It’s great that this option exists.”

Eric Landau, Student

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